IT audit

IT audit – is a comprehensive assessment of IT component of business. It allows you to answer the following relevant to the manager/owner of the business questions:

IT infrastructure.
Does the equipment (computers, servers, network infrastructure, etc.) correspond to the needs of business and the planned growth of the company, as it should be?

Does it correspond to the level of my company, what software can improve business processes?

How competent is my system administrator / administrators, do I need him/them?
What is the level of protection of my business from information leakage and attacks?


How to optimize IT costs, and how to earn more with IT?

The result of the audit is a document with recommendations on how to improve the IT aspect of business.

IT strategy

The main objectives of the strategic IT consultancy of the company Normax:

1. 1. Development of IT strategy is a defining the vector of development of IT infrastructure in line with the company’s business strategy;

2. Development of a plan for implementing the necessary changes for the IT strategy implementation

Our services in the field of IT consulting services include:

1. 1. Audit of IT infrastructure:

– Identification of the risks associated with potential failures and loss of data;

– Development of recommendations to eliminate the risks and increase fault tolerance of IT infrastructure;

– Identify inconsistencies of hardware and software configuration of IT infrastructure to the needs of the business;

– Check the scalability of IT infrastructure in accordance with the growth of the company.

2. 2. Development of IT strategy of the company:

Planning the development of IT infrastructure.

3. 3. Audit of IT processes:

Identification of the existing risks in the organizational model of IT services

IТ support

Best experience in managing IT is based on a proactive approach, work in advance.
IT outsourcing from Normax company is a professional approach to the management of IT services that will help you to avoid unexpected failures of servers, workstations and network structure.

Collaboration with Normax is:

– Monitoring and continuous maintenance of the IT infrastructure according to the international standards;

– Guaranteed IT service, confirmed by the agreement about the level of quality of service (Service Level Agreement);

– Predictability of the cost of managing IT infrastructure;

– Effectiveness of IT asset management companies;

– Reducing the risk of failure in the IT services;

– Easy interaction of your staff with service Service Desk;

– Access to a professional team of certified IT professionals and managers (for details, see section “Certificates”);

– Benefits from work based on ITIL® – best practices for IT management.

The company Normax, as your provider of managed services (Managed Service Provider), will ensure the continuity of the daily performance of business processes, as well as help to save your money.

The service «IT Management» from Normax company also includes the following components:

– Strategic consulting;

– Customer Service Desk.

Cloud services

The company Normax carries out projects implementation of cloud solutions to help your business reduce capital expenditures, to minimize security risk, to improve fault tolerance of IT services that provide the ability to scale IT resources quickly.

A team of certified professionals of Normax will select the best cloud solution for your business and will migrate all or part of your IT services to the cloud.

The main benefits of cloud solutions implementing:

– A more transparent, predictable and controllable IT budget;

– Improving of the efficiency and flexibility of IT services of company with less costs;

– Save time and money by costs reducing of IT support services;

– Easy start-up and access to enterprise-class systems.

The introduction of cloud solutions from Normax – is:

1. Check the availability of migration to the cloud:

Our team will assess the readiness of the transition (Cloud Readiness Assessment), taking into account the complexity and uniqueness of your business, as well as the features of your IT systems.

2. Choose the right decisions and economic justification of investments:

We will help you to choose a solution that corresponds to your company and present the economic justification of the decision. In the course of the solution selection, we will make TCO and ROI calculation, comparing several options for cloud solutions, as well as ground-based infrastructure services.

3. Develop a strategy for migration to the cloud:

Our experts will outline the migration plan of IT services to the cloud, drawing your attention to the important factors and nuances.

4. Migration and implementation of the solution:

Our team is implementing the project according to the experience accumulated in project management methodology, which ensures a smooth transition and continuity of your business during the project.

5. Maintenance and support of cloud infrastructure

Normax can provide your company with the services for post-project support and further management of cloud infrastructure.


Normax team has successful experience with such cloud products:

– Microsoft Office 365 (MS Exchange Online, MS SharePoint Online, MS Lync);

– Google Apps for Business;

– IBM SmartCloud for Social Business;

– Microsoft Windows Azure;

– Amazon Web Services.

In addition, we are ready to offer you specific cloud solutions, including:

– Virtual workstations (DaaS)

– System-class CRM for customer interaction;

– Helpdesk System class to work with the clients’ order;

– Management of mobile devices (BYOD);

– Corporate data archiving system;

– Systems to improve and manage the productivity of employees;

– Project management systems.